Duralex glasses

Duralex tempered glassware made in France featuring Picardie tumblers, Lys clear glass bowls, and glass ramekins. Founded in 193 Duralex has been manufacturing tempered glassware and tabletop products for over years in La Chapelle-Saint-Mesmin in the .

The mechanical and thermal resisting properties are considerably increased compared . Duralex – French manufacturer of tempered glass drinkware and tableware. Founded in 193 Duralex has been manufacturing glassware and tabletop products in La Chapelle-Saint-Mesmin, . The Duralex range of glassware are favoured by cafes, schools and homes due to their durability.

They offer a tempered finish, are dishwasher and microwave . Extremely durable, Duralex glassware is 2. This Set of six glasses known as the Original French tumblers, the tempered Duralex Picardie glasses are functional and stylish – they feel extremely . We are ecstatic; we found an inexpensive source of the French classic tempered glass Duralex tumblers in their original pattern: the Picardie. The Duralex Picardie is classic design of toughened glass tumbler found in cafes, schools and homes across France and in many places worldwide. Duralex glasses are stackable and safe—if broken they shatter into small chunks as opposed to jagged shards, reducing risk of injury.

Made in France, our tempered Duralex highball glasses are destined to impress indoors or outdoors with their high-quality, chip-resistant and wonderfully. Duralex Provence Tumbler Glass 220ml Set of 6. A guide to the variation of sizes for safe drinking Duralex glassware. Picardie is available sizes and Gigogne in sizes.

This is the story of a glass that bounced. The Duralex is the favourite glass of American Yuppies but also of Afghan tribesmen.