Microwave rice cooker

I bought this Nordicware Microwave Rice Cooker on a whim (hey, it was only $11!!!) just to test it out – totally expecting rice failure. Microwave rice cookers came up some years ago and now they are major competition to electric rice cookers. How to microwave rice so it comes out fluffy and perfect every time.

Cook and serve, all in one container Now you can enjoy the home-steamed flavor of perfect rice every time. Make perfect rice and other delicious rice-based meals in your microwave! With this Microwave Rice Cooker you can quickly, easily prepare . L microwave rice steamer makes it simple to cook rice, polenta and couscous. Dedicated microwave cooking products to make life easier. Find great deals on for Microwave Rice Cooker in Pots and Pans.

The Microwave Rice Cooker makes the perfect rice in your microwave.

It includes a li serving spoon and measuring cup. Just fill with the desired amount of rice .